ART of Tennis: ART

Thirning Villa - Google MapsART of Tennis: ART: Two courts, one game of four volleys each
Above is two different games of a doubles tennis game last Sunday afternoon at the Villa. It traces the movement of the ball and players of 4 volley’s within an entire game of hour. This is but a snippet of how the players and balls moved through space, creating a drawing of engagement with themselves, the game and the landscape.




ART of viewing: viewing as ART

Is their a design in how we move through time, space and our landscape?
Today, I decided to put this to the test, today my only intent was to go to the Museum of Contemporary Art in the City and view the art on exhibition without considering my movements except in the direction of my purpose to view ART. Below are three images taken on the day of my walking with ONLY this intent. So is there design or a pattern in our movements that have boarder intentions? Tracking my movements through the landscape rather than with the intention of creating a new landscape, actually has done just that making ART from viewing ART!!
After all it is the ART as Landscape : Landscape of ART that I am interested in.
Below image 1: is the entire journey from Thirning Villa, Ashfield on the train to Circular Quay with a walk around the Harbour to the MCA, it includes being in the gallery and my return to Thirning Villa, Ashfield.


The entire journey
ART of viewing: Journey
Below image 2: is the walking pattern of my intent to view ART. Captured are my movements in the gallery from one work of viewing to another and one floor to the next. This is overlaid with the walk from the train moving from the station of Circular Quay and the walk along the harbour to the MCA
ART as viewing : viewing as ART
Below image 3: this is the walk only within the gallery with its outline overlaid tracing my movements in viewing art……..
ART of viewing: ART


Eat or play tennis?

Today I was to create (draw) an edible garden. I did many designs and variations of garden beds and fruit trees, complemented by pathways and mature trees. Access was from the side verandah so as a kitchen garden perfectly positioned with little steps for harvesting when necessary.
However while walking in the garden it occurred to me that maybe my time and energy would be best spent by walking to the markets and turn this valuable ground into other leisurely pursuits……
This means I could help raise the neighbour’s investments by drawing a Tennis Court of two I will create a different kind of asset to just food production, is this not our modern world as we give over our land to the suburban value of urban-ism which seems to all more worthy than that of growing FOOD??!!!

Drawing and edible garden designs of different walks.jpg

Varying edible garden designs, pathways and walks

Thirning Villa - Google Maps

An edible garden?


Tennis Court Drawing

The tennis court
Another garden or tennis anyone?

Walking, a secret garden

A secret garden close to the house, but not directly attached beside the orchard but behind the vegetable garden. I believe that a house is just a house until absorbed into a garden, only then can you call it a home.

Thirning Villa front courts with orchard and secret gardens.jpg

Below is my purposeful walk through the secret garden of Thirning Villa, it has 4 distinct walks like a labyrinth each crosses the paths of the other. I walked this walk a number of times today to take in the new plantings and the dance the paths. In the first drawing you will see I have captured  each path separately and each drawing that follows I have captured the essence of the rhythm of the paths that create a sense of wonderment in any garden. This is the place I wish to be when the days seems insurmountable with worry and money problems in a garden tending the plants, nurturing and growing them as I did my own children………I am with my own thoughts today.
All paths and hedge row
Secret Garden four individual tracked walks
All paths and hedge row in one walk
Secret Garden two individual tracked walks
All path and hedge row
Secret Garden one tracked walk

A Grand Garden for Thirning Villa

Walking with purpose this morning with the sole intent of creating a Grand Garden for the villa. Commencing with an orchard of various mature citrus protected by a hedged wind break. The smell of citrus is in the air as you move through the 4 rows of twelve trees.
Walking 1.23km for 16.17mins and stepping 1.9K steps





These images are intimate portraits of landscapes both natural and unnatural and are a true semiotic reading of place.
This handheld scanner provides no barrier to viewing making the invisible, visible. Exposing an interplay of the moment of capture and digital dirt picked up through the process of me scanning, no one has seen this until now. These are the elements that will only occur from such a process.
These images are samples of our landscape as raw unedited experiences, as intimate encounters of microenvironments rich with life, colour, texture, experience, mood and truth.
Above top: Fallen, Sydney colours; Above middle: Fallen, Melaleuca  Above bottom: Fallen, tree graffiti


What is LANDrawing?

Is it endurance drawing, large format drawing, days of drawing, kilometers of tracked drawing? If you answered yes then you’d be right.

The LANDrawing process is about walking in and through space making consciousness movements, gestures and directional decisions knowing each will be tracked to form preconceived patterns in the landscape. Not visible, in the doing as I leave no mark on the landscape, just pass over it. This information is collected using a basic fitness app, giving me all the data of distance, minutes, steps etc. For example the drawing this morning at Pratten Park was 3.69km, 46.34 minutes, 5.3steps all while I burnt 262 calories. Is this finally away for me to find fitness FUN!!!

Below the first image is the outline of my morning walk today in Pratten Park. The second image today’s walk  overlaid  with the tracked walk of the previous day’s walk. Creating a kinetic drawing of a pattern preconceived through walking and moving over two days through the landscape.


One might say that where you walk is where you are meant to find yourself; nothing more and nothing less than that.