Walking, a secret garden

A secret garden close to the house, but not directly attached beside the orchard but behind the vegetable garden. I believe that a house is just a house until absorbed into a garden, only then can you call it a home.

Thirning Villa front courts with orchard and secret gardens.jpg

Below is my purposeful walk through the secret garden of Thirning Villa, it has 4 distinct walks like a labyrinth each crosses the paths of the other. I walked this walk a number of times today to take in the new plantings and the dance the paths. In the first drawing you will see I have captured¬† each path separately and each drawing that follows I have captured the essence of the rhythm of the paths that create a sense of wonderment in any garden. This is the place I wish to be when the days seems insurmountable with worry and money problems in a garden tending the plants, nurturing and growing them as I did my own children………I am with my own thoughts today.
All paths and hedge row
Secret Garden four individual tracked walks
All paths and hedge row in one walk
Secret Garden two individual tracked walks
All path and hedge row
Secret Garden one tracked walk

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