ART of viewing: viewing as ART

Is their a design in how we move through time, space and our landscape?
Today, I decided to put this to the test, today my only intent was to go to the Museum of Contemporary Art in the City and view the art on exhibition without considering my movements except in the direction of my purpose to view ART. Below are three images taken on the day of my walking with ONLY this intent. So is there design or a pattern in our movements that have boarder intentions? Tracking my movements through the landscape rather than with the intention of creating a new landscape, actually has done just that making ART from viewing ART!!
After all it is the ART as Landscape : Landscape of ART that I am interested in.
Below image 1: is the entire journey from Thirning Villa, Ashfield on the train to Circular Quay with a walk around the Harbour to the MCA, it includes being in the gallery and my return to Thirning Villa, Ashfield.


The entire journey
ART of viewing: Journey
Below image 2: is the walking pattern of my intent to view ART. Captured are my movements in the gallery from one work of viewing to another and one floor to the next. This is overlaid with the walk from the train moving from the station of Circular Quay and the walk along the harbour to the MCA
ART as viewing : viewing as ART
Below image 3: this is the walk only within the gallery with its outline overlaid tracing my movements in viewing art……..
ART of viewing: ART



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