BILLYcan Project

Above: the BILLYcan with weighted pen suspended over paper and with examples of drawings of individual walks, Ashfield residency  2016/17

I carry a ‘BILLYcan’ a very simple and accessible device that collects the data of my movements. How? Well, inside the BILLYcan is a weighted pen over paper which records the simplest of movements, even moments of stillness – this simple process captures poetic drawings that are kinetically achieved by the agency of walking. 

Art made by WALK-ing is a visualization and awareness of space, landscape and situation. 

Walking with intent M.A.D.E. Walking opens a platform for contemporary practices that blend experimental geography, site-specific art, spatial agency and rural/urban activism. As a common journey they act as a trigger for exchange, research and performance, whereby walkers/participants navigate between the local and the global, between past, present and future, between urban and rural, between self and community. Walking a myriad of pathways sparks awareness of the infrastructures and blueprints that shape our societies.
Moreover, by putting a mundane activity as walking at the centre of our experiences, artists, audiences and other practitioners dissolve into each other. The common walking experience produces different forms of collective action and spatial engagement, blurring boundaries of engagement of a community.
If we look at this scientifically, walking increases the size of the brain regions linked to planning and memory and enhances creativity. From walking Walkers come away from the experience with an altered perception of place, having created a subjective map as they see things anew. Which is very much one of the driving concepts behind the participatory walks. However we must not forget the imagery created by the walks along well-beaten routes and paths. Patterns emerging of repeated movements never revealed before and it slows people down to notice their environment, they reflect on the algorithm translating route and rut into art. These walks dramatically change our relationship with the landscape, leading to better care and maintenance of that landscape. M.A.D.E. Walking puts the respective city on the map creating a unique soulful experience of where you are in the world.

Walking with intent M.A.D.E. Walking changes the face of hardcore exercise and makes it a creative pursuit  – with fitness on the side. 


Above: Close up of M.A.D.E. Walking of the feature image, made during a 5klm walk along LORNE’s foreshore. Generative Art M.A.D.E Walking while engagement and activation of place.

A memento of your engagement and actual experience of place during a leisurely walk


M.A.D.E Walking, while running