Experiential and Kinetic Drawing

fullsizerender-3 fullsizerender-15 fullsizerender-4 fullsizerender-24Above: Billy Can motion drawings, each varying in distance walked, held and time captured

The artistic exploration of  (human) space, by means of walking as a sensorial and kinesthesic experience is not new as there are many famous historical walkers as Albrecht Dürer [1471 – 1528],  Joseph Beuys [1921-1986], Luis Baragan [1902-1988]. Who’s  participation in this kinesthesic aesthetic within our urban fabric poses little invention. Walking as observation, a stimulus related to space in a cognitive dimension of the urban space articulates itself in a personalized urban layer a kind of choreographic drawing.
Walks transformed into art works, art works transformed into walks become “philosophical paths” for the walker, with the continuous, swinging movement, the flux of walking as the agent of drawing.  A performance with the intent of viewing art (in a gallery, museum) literally stepping out as the viewer and as the creator.

Walking leaves little traces, never straight, the landscape approaching the walker is carried along by the mapped out streets or the rows and walls of art in a gallery. Little is left behind after the experience except tracks of thoughts so the idea of simple photographs or drawings during such a walk is clearly not enough: an object cannot compete with an experience.  This is why this subjective experience uses the process of the LANDscan, taken during a walk , collecting the experience of the walk as landscape and that of sensuous engagement of the residue of the past, a semiotic reading. Plus by using a walking app that GPS tracks the walks, that are later are transformed into traced map drawings (2D and 3D) of the experience. All the while another drawing is being created of the physical  motion of walking and viewing art. This is created within a handheld billy can that supports a pendulum pen that draws each every movement of every walk, each never being the same.


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