What is LANDrawing?

Is it endurance drawing, large format drawing, days of drawing, kilometers of tracked drawing? If you answered yes then you’d be right.

The LANDrawing process is about walking in and through space making consciousness movements, gestures and directional decisions knowing each will be tracked to form preconceived patterns in the landscape. Not visible, in the doing as I leave no mark on the landscape, just pass over it. This information is collected using a basic fitness app, giving me all the data of distance, minutes, steps etc. For example the drawing this morning at Pratten Park was 3.69km, 46.34 minutes, 5.3steps all while I burnt 262 calories. Is this finally away for me to find fitness FUN!!!

Below the first image is the outline of my morning walk today in Pratten Park. The second image today’s walk  overlaid  with the tracked walk of the previous day’s walk. Creating a kinetic drawing of a pattern preconceived through walking and moving over two days through the landscape.


One might say that where you walk is where you are meant to find yourself; nothing more and nothing less than that.



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