LANDrawings: The Poetry of Capture

Have you ever walked, danced, run or consciously stepped out a drawing?

What would these DRAWings look like; just maps of where you have been and where you are going? Like the transparent wormhole pushing Donny Darko to discover his destiny? These new drawings I am creating, track my walks. This morning I circumnavigated Pratten Park consciously in a patterned walk, creating to any viewer an invisible dance of movements (a hilarious workout I must say) in the landscape.  All the while I am drawing this dance in realtime via a walking app, that tracks and monitors my activities including time, speed, length of walk and calories lost. This app. traces my route and maps my movement, collecting data which I can work with when I return to my studio.
This means I can create interesting investigations of Ashfield as a present form and treat spaces as temporary and virtual canvases. So I can create a route that draws, illustrates and documents my interaction as whimsical LANDrawings.
By walking, poetic and metaphysical drawings are created.  This project is a series of working drawings titled LANDrawings

oval-pattern-with-overlayOval pattern day 1 and 2 outlines

Above  LANDrawing: Tracing Pratten



Above image of Pratten Park illustrating the topography of seating, steps etc around oval making the walk very athletic……..

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